FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What weapons do we have available?

Weapons will vary, from magical to firearms, depending on the level and the type of CTF game. Rocket launchers, grenades, swords, bombs, and a host of strange and exotic magical weapons are given in each game according to the backstory of the level.

2. What character classes are there in GODD™ CTF games?

There are a large number of magical and fantasy character classes in the games where a variety of character classes are available...Warrior, Elf, Wizard, Healer, Sapper, Thief, Cleric, Magus, Amazon and more....

3. Why aren't there soldier classes?

GODD™ CTF games are presently designed by Gorebagg, and all of Gorebagg's CTF games are made for magical and fantasy characters, as opposed to the modern military classes currently available in other CTF style games built on other game engines.

4. How do I set up a game server?

You don't have to. Anyone can serve a GODD™ CTF game with their ordinary computer. That's one of the advantages of Gorebagg's CTF games built on the GODD™ engine!

5. How many players can be in a Gorebagg CTF game at one time?

Actually there is no limit to the number, but in most of the Gorebagg levels available at the present time, it is recommended that no more than 20 players be on each side, making a total of 40 players and any referees that you might decide to have in the game to decide game issues. There is also plenty of room for admins either in-game or in observer mode.

6. What's to prevent hackers from spoiling the game?

GODD™ CTF games are protected in a variety of ways. The best protection you have is that nobody can get into your game without the key numbers YOU give out to players.

7. How many CTF levels are there in Gorebagg's CTF games?

There are a total of 14 CTF games in the basic CTF pack, however, more are added every day or two in the Expansion Packs.

8. How do I invert my mouse?

You can invert your mouse by entering "[commands9999] INVERTMOUSE ON" into the wgge.ini file. More

9. How are the games scored?

Your weapon or cache has a limited amount of ammo .... More

10. What's the history of GODDGames?

Gorebagg was tired of the modern military style of CTF game that is so .... More