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New 2016

Set in Bardo Town, this PC game is completely non-violent, hilarious. One of your strongest weapons being the silent but deadly assault.

From The Game Intro:

"The only weapons remaining to humans after the Grogg invaded the planet is the ability to kill with a fart from the Bean Powered Weapons at your disposal by pressing buttons 0-9 on your keyboard. When you have found all the parts to the FartBomb, which will destroy all aliens, Take the assembled FartBomb to the Night Bomb Deposit located in the middle of the Main Street somewhere near the center of town... You can't miss it if you try -- it's the giant valve in the road."

Using New Particle Physics Engine

FartBomb has been revamped top to bottom, or bottom to top. In any case the weapons have been updated. The lighting model is outstanding and the farts seem to never stop.

Just did a complete run through and finished the game but it took me over an hour - actually I lost track of time :) so I'm not sure how long it took. Many respawns involving much learning in levels 5 and 6 where you must know how to use the Grapple and how to take out the machine guns without dying on that particular hill. My favorite weapon for sheer fun was the Simple Fart (0 key) with its wonderful Monty Python quote. I didn't find any bugs but grappling up a wall was slow and tedious until I realized it was better to grapple to the wall opposite the opening and shoot for the opening. Just learning I think.

I think it has something for all levels of gamers in terms of difficulty and if your skills are lacking going into the game they won't be when you eventually make it out!!

I need to recoup before playing again, but I will.