"Пути Путина" is a very rough and in my opinion funny translation of "Putin-Gate", a tribute to the Water-Gate days of the Nixon Era, which looks to be repeating itself for our amusement.

There have been several "gate" scandals since that time. I was tempted to use "Ворота", but went this way instead, perhaps inadvisedly, but I think it will fly all right.

You find yourself visiting Nikolskaya Street in the historical section of Moscow, Russia. The shops are filled with informers, who will tell you what has just transpired in each space, or give you directions for further action.

If you're thinking you'd like to stop in at the Russian equivalent of "Starbucks", you have a good chance of finding it on this very model of the ultimate tourist trap, yielding millions and possibly billions of Amerikan Dollars for Putin and his oligarchs, obviously a new band name.

For a full description of the orb check out E.J.'s blog Пути Путина -- Putin-Gate is READY for release!