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Greatest Witch-Hunt Ever

Available for Immediate Release and Download

Several Congresspeople got on the news channels last night after the appointment of the Special Counsel, and said that if Trump were able to keep his mouth shut, he'd be better off. No sooner had they said that, when Trump characteristically and obsessively-compulsively tweeted that "This is the Greatest Witch-Hunt in History!"

No matter -- he gave me a hell of an idea for a name for my newest latest videogame, so I'm entitling it "Greatest Witch Hunt Ever!!!" and it'll be available for download as soon as I can finish the last scene, and get it through the edit-and-test committee, which is Grishy and myself, so probably by this weekend I'll have it up & running.

A bunch games are now available for instant download. Or, if you'd prefer a CD just let us know by contact form and we can ship one out to you. The downloads are a better deal. So if your bandwidth will handle the dl that's a better option. By the way, the dl is only 50 to 100 meg for most of the games. Very small by modern standards.