GODD Engine Requirements

  • Windows Operating System (OpenGL)
  • Decent Graphics Card. This means integrated graphics cards on a low-end laptop will suck. However, GODD Games are not as demanding as Halo. So any reasonable graphics card should be okay.
  • 1 gig of ram recommended.
  • 1 gig of hard-drive space. Actually each of our games will only use 100 meg to 300 meg of drive space. But we figured you'd want two or three games :)

These requirements, as you can see, are not terribly rigid. Your performance will vary depending upon your hardware. A crappy video card and slow machine will give less than ideal performance. But the game should run on most systems. As a matter of fact, we still play some of our smaller games on an old Win98. If you have trouble running the game you can get a refund for the game.

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