Why We Prefer Retro

by Claude "Kru" Needham

The GODD Gaming Engine has on occasion been accused of being retro. Actually the engine is capable of any look and feel. Let me repeat that: the GODD gaming engine is capable of creating games with any look and feel.

  • In the hands of a Disney animator the GODD engine would turn out games looking like cartoons.
  • In the hands of Salvador Dali the GODD engine would turn out games with melting landscapes and clocks dripping over tree branches.
  • In the hands of Picasso the GODD engine would turn out cubist nightmares.

On a lark we have created levels that duplicate the look and feel of WoW (World of Warcraft). We made a level very similar to TF2. We even created a game level very much like Call of Duty. By the way, because of respect for copyright laws we've dumped the look-alike levels. We only did them on a lark for our own research. WoW doesn't have to worry about us horning in on their market. (rofl) It just occurs to me that Us gracefully staying out of Blizzard's market is like a squirrel being polite to a herd of buffalo. We know who's the 900 pound gorilla -- and it ain't us.

Our gaming engine is not why our games look the way they do. Our games look the way they do because we choose to design them like that.

So the question would be: Since you have a choice, why on earth do you design your games to look the way they do?

Now that's a good question. Why on earth do we design our games to look the way they do? Answer. There is no reason on earth. Our games take their inspiration from bardo spaces, alien landscapes and parallel worlds. Simply put, our games are not from around here.

This approach is great if one is interested in helping lost interplanetary voyagers rehabilitate their inter-dimensional navigation.

So, we don't actually prefer a retro look to our games. The look to our games comes from an other-dimensional inspiration. It just so happens that many of the retro games also capture this same look.